Make a personalized Fortnite iron-on t-shirt for a Fortnite birthday party!

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Make your own Personalized Fortnite Birthday party t-shirt for a Fortnite Birthday party.




Be sure to pin this Fortnite birthday party t-shirt for later:







It’s super easy and you can make a personalized Fortnite birthday party iron-on t-shirt in less than 30 minutes!


Visit our online store to get this  Iron on transfer  (in example below we used  Dark fabric iron on transfer!) ,  specify your custom text (childs name,age) and  we'll personalize ,print and ship your  birthday iron on transfer so that you can make your own Fortnite birthday party t-shirt.




How to make a Personalized Fortnite Birthday T-shirt:




Here’s all you do:




1. PURCHASE our personalized Fortnite  T-shirt iron-on transfer.


We used iron on transfer for Dark fabrics!


 “Dark fabric iron ons” doesn’t mean only for dark fabrics. While "Light fabric iron on transfer" doesn’t work on dark materials, dark fabric transfer works on any fabric colors.




2. Trim around image. (Optional)









Peel off the back. If your nails are short like mine, you can carefully slip a craft knife between the backing and transfer to get the peeling started.







3. IRON ON THE T-SHIRT by following instructions provided.









Let cool , peel away the ironing paper provided and voila!

Personalized Fortnite Birthday party t-shirt.







We made this Fortnite birthday party t-shirt as part of my daughter's Alexa’s Fortnite 10th Birthday. She absolutely LOVED her Fornite birthday party t-shirt and asks to wear it again all the time!

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