Transfer Type and Size Guide

 Light Fabric Iron Ons


Transfers are printed on Translucent iron-on material allowing you easily cut them out with scissors before ironing.


Light Fabric Transfers suitable for use only on White and Pastel colored fabrics such as Pastel Blue, Pastel Yellow, Pastel Pink, White, Ivory, Cream.
Material: can be used on any cotton or cotton blend fabrics (which is most garments!!!) including T Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Tote Bags,Pillowcases and so on!





Dark/Light Fabrics Iron On Transfers


Transfers are printed on Transparent/Clear iron-on material and comes to you ready to iron on.


This type of  transfers have no background, meaning the only thing that gets ironed  your clothing or accessories are the transfer designs themselves!


No weeding,masking or trimming is required.


The transfers are suitable for use on All Fabric colors whether they are white, pastels, black, bright, dull or vibrant.

They also wash well, and are flexible – meaning they won't crack or peel, making them great for heavy-use items.

Material: Can be used on Any Material that can be ironed , like cotton, nylon, polyester, poly-cotton blends, silk, denim, canvas,PU/Leather, Rubber.

The transfers can even be applied to different types of surfaces like luggage, shoes, and even glass, wood, and metal!


Dark/Light Fabrics Transfer Examples


Glitter Dark/Light Fabrics Iron On Transfers
Add some sparkles to your designs!
This new product  is the same as  Dark/Light  Fabrics  Iron on Transfers with the advantages of glitter effect.
Glitter Dark/Light Fabrics Transfer Example
Glitter Dark/Light iron on Transfer

Iron on Transfers Size

Transfers available in 5 sizes: 1.5" x2", 2"x3" , 3"x5", 5"x7" and 8"x10".


Available sizes refer to the size of the sheet that the image will be printed on. Size of actual image is approximate and may be slightly smaller or larger depending on the design style.

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