What are DTF transfers and where to use them?

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Have you ever wondered if it were possible to make custom and inexpensive transfers for shirts in the comfort of your own home? 


With our team at ShopIronOns.com, you can get store bought quality DTF transfers, or direct-to-film transfers, to be customized to whatever you like, printed for you in a large range of sizes, and even made with glitter! The question is, what are DTF transfers, how does it work, and why is it the most popular option on the market today for making your own garment designs?


What are DTF transfers and where to use them?


            If you visit our website, ShopIronOns.com, you’re sure to come across our wide selection of DTF transfers (Dark/Light and Glitter Dark/Light transfers). What are they, and where can they be used?


You see, Direct to Film or DTF is a method for transferring prints onto any garment, plastic, acrylic, ETC, using a heat-press, or a household iron. Unlike other methods like DTG, which only works on cotton fabrics, the Printer DTF method can work on many, many other surfaces. DTF transfers are printed in two layers, white ink on the bottom, with vibrant colors on top. This means no matter the color of the garment or material, the transfers will show up with saturated, lively colors! But wait! There’s more! DTF transfers have been proven to be as or more resilient to washes and direct sunlight than traditional silkscreen prints, or the designs on shirts at the store.


In other words, you can pick or create a design, and iron it onto almost anything you like, knowing that your new high quality transfer is built to last!


Our shop offers:


           At ShopIronOns.com, you can select a design from one of many, in all categories, including holidays like Christmas, Easter and, St. Patrick's day, relatable and funny slogans, adorable gnomes, and so much more! 


            Our team also does personalization for free with designs chosen by you! Popular requests include names, favorite celebrities, and even customizing our preset designs. It takes only 1-2 days to create the DTF of your choice and you can be sure to find it at your address in a matter of a few days. You can even deliver our transfers to another address to surprise a friend or loved one!


                                             Shop at ShopIronOns.com today!

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